baseball and jason:)

well this weekens has been very interesting.....lets see i talked to my baby then i went to my brothers baseball game then i talked to my baby then baseball then baby then baseball and on some occasions i watched baseball and talked to my baby lol exciting yeah???
yeah i know but yeah so my uncles gf is pregnant im sooo excited i want a baby sooo freeking bad!!! jason get ur cute butt here now!!! hehehe but anyway i found brides maids dresses!! isnt that the best there so cute and my wedding colors are white baby blue and soft butter yellow!!!!! now i have to start sketching my dress im so excited baby i love you soooooooo much you are my life my everything and my reason for waking up in the morning *kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses*

3 months today

so i have big big news but im not allowed to say until the time is right so you all have to be patient. well today is mine and jasons 3 month aniversary im very excited. i feel like its been more then 3 months i love him so so so so so so much!

i went to the gym yesterday i am so sore! ugh never doing that again well actualy im going again tomorrow :) hehehe tonight is my brothers sweet 16 party and im kinda stessin out i really do hope he likes his car lol i know i do. my dads comming down and i get to see my anna banana!!!!!! i miss her so so much her and my dad its so hard to live here and they live there but any way i should go now

*kisses for my baby*
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